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  •  Some CHEERS and some JEERS (7+ / 0-)

    JEERS to having a cold.

    CHEERS to an unusually warm day in San Francisco.

    JEERS to being unable to enjoy it. I called in sick today, because I AM sick. Not deathly ill mind you just congested and coughing. The good news: I will observe Earth Day by not driving my car today; of course I typically bike to work and when I don't I take public transit.

    CHEERS to not knowing ANYONE who thinks climate change is a hoax, at least not that I'm aware of. Maybe I need to widen my circle of friends?

    CHEERS to Babe Ruth. Not only did he start his career as a pitcher, he started as a terrific pitcher. If he hadn't hit so many home runs he'd probably have become just as famous for his pitching. In 1916 he led the American League in shutouts and earned run average (and he won 23 games). Ruth actually did continue to pitch occasionally even towards the end of his career. He pitched in five games during his time with the Yankees and got the win each time, the last one being in 1933 when he was 38 years old and only two years away from retiring.

    And I have to show off a bit...

    Thanks to Mucinex I was able to bike this far on Saturday...


    Here I am at mile 90...enjoying a treat, which I fully deserved.


    I really like this picture.


    One of the amazing things about California is that if you go just a few miles out of any city you'd never even know there was a city nearby. The above was taken about five miles east of Gilroy, CA.

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