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  •  I had no idea about this so (20+ / 0-)

    thanks a lot for the diary.  I live down south of the border (IL) so don't see the JS often.

    Coming across the name Michael Best in your diary, I had to look him up.  He's a piece of work.  I hit an article that talks about how much money Wisconsin citizens are paying for these repub gangsters to defend the fraud and theft:

    So far this year, two firms with strong Republican connections have racked up more than $700,000 in invoices and payments authorized by Gov. Scott Walker and GOP lawmakers to help represent the state in cases such as legal challenges over Walker's legislation ending most collective bargaining for public employees.

    More payments on the ongoing cases and another likely case are still to come, as Walker considers a request by the Department of Justice to appoint one of the firms to represent the state in a federal lawsuit over redistricting legislation.

    The Troupis Law Office and the firm of Michael Best & Friedrich, with partners who include Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, have received special counsel contracts from Walker paying up to $300 an hour along with legislative contracts worth up to $395 an hour. As was the case when Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle awarded special counsel contracts that in one tribal gambling case came to $1.5 million, the latest Walker contracts haven't included the same kind of formal competitive bidding requirements in place for many other large state contracts.

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