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  •  Had a FABULOUS 420 weekend. Best one (0+ / 0-)

    in memory. Yeah...ha ha ha.

    Buddy came over Saturday and man....we did it right.

    I had managed to have some really killer herb - CinX and some Platinum - and my buddy had some hashish. Woooo!

    So, so so so high Saturday. Amazing. We smoked up burgers AND bacon and ate artery-besieging food.

    My running buddy stopped by in the late afternoon when we just just WIPED by the combination of high-end weed, hash, and burgers.... I think he will laugh at me today.....

    We did an encore version of this at Stone Mountain yesterday; hiked up onto the side of the mountain, looking out over the city of atlanta and we smoked up and talked and finally decided it was time for pork BBQ, which again pushed the buzz well-over the line. (We call it 'getting high on pork').

    For those that don't know: hashish is WONDERFUL. Since legal drugs like Alcohol and Tobacco and most anything made by big pharma is MUCH more dangerous than mara-ju-wanna, I can suggest you try some some day.

    Coffee -> Espresso


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