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    Harley Quin is an Agatha Christie character from the 30s. Good!

    But I'm beginning to question the entire second row.

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      pucklady, sny, Villanova Rhodes

      Instead of going with the obvious Harley (Harley Quinn, from the comics) I went with a less well-known cultural reference (Harley Quin, who first appeared in the 1930 Agatha Christie short story collection The Mysterious Harley Quin.

      In her Autobiography Agatha Christie wrote that Mr. Quin and Mr. Satterthwaite (whom she called Quin's emissary) became her favourite characters. The reason was because she did not exploit them as much - she refused to make series of books about them, writing only when she felt like it. Here is how she described the protagonist: "Mr Quin was a figure who just entered into a story - a catalyst, no more - his mere presence affected human beings. There would be some little fact, some apparently irrelevant phrase, to point him out for what he was : a man shown in a harlequin-coloured light that fell on him through a glass window; a sudden appearance or disappearance.

      9 out of 10 of Republicans have never visited Sunday Puzzle

      by Nova Land on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 06:52:08 PM PDT

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