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View Diary: Over $4400 for Emergency Room visit--why we need Universal Healthcare (176 comments)

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  •  B.C. Ground or air flat $80. Uninsured ground $530 (0+ / 0-)
    [B.C. Medical] MSP Premium Assistance and Income Assistance Clients are exempt from ambulance fees. The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) also cover some ambulance fees for their clients. Translate: if you're poor, the ambulance is free.

    This assumes it's NOT a Worker's Comp claim which is handled separately from B.C. Medicare. Of course, there is NO charge (that is, no invoice) for the services in the E.R. or if a hospital stay is required.

    The U.S. is the only country that is having a heart attack about medical costs. Here's a Globe & Mail commentary from today: the tone is "costs are increasing and need to be controlled" rather than "dump granny on an ice floe":

    With economic growth slowed, the population beginning to age, the Romanow-Martin fix discredited and their fiscal circumstances strained, provinces are slamming on the brakes. From 7 per cent, the Canadian Institute for Health Information reports that spending is down to 3-per-cent annual increases. It might go lower still, what with New Brunswick and Newfoundland’s freezing spending, Ontario’s dropping its health-care budget increase to 2 per cent, and Alberta’s wrenching it down from 9.5 per cent yearly over the past decade to 3 per cent.

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