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View Diary: The Boston Marathon Bombing Shows Us How White Privilege Hurts White People...Again (110 comments)

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  •  The only thing that caught me by surprise (1+ / 0-)
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    in your diary is:

    the racist implementation of the G.I. Bill and FHA Housing Programs after World War 2 helped to create Whiteness again by creating a segregated place called "suburbia," and creating a stark divide in the racial wealth and income gap that is still with us today.
    I never thought about the GI bill to be a racist implementation. Weren't black soldiers receiving a GI bill after the service in WWII? Or were they denied those benefits? Or is it just because there were less black black compared to white soldiers actively serving  during WWII?

    I understand that it may have increased the divide in wealth between black and whites, but thought that wouldn't have been intentionally and more an unintended consequence, so I question the wording "racist implementation" because that would mean it was intentional. On the other hand I don't know how the GI bill worked back then.

    De facto I do see that many programs and laws like affirmative action and the notion that the US military service is the least discriminatory and the most equalizing "employer" of the US  (it was presented like it to me by many Americans including many Afro-Americans), don't work that way, but ... I would say for other reasons.

    •  they were explicitly racially discriminatory (3+ / 0-)
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      mimi, Larsstephens, Avila

      in practice and implementation both because of redlining, restrictive covenants, quotas against non-whites attending university and college, etc. etc. etc.

      Katznelson's last book When Affirmative Action was White does great work explaining this. Also, this excerpt from the documentary race the power of illusion is excellent in putting a human face on the narrative:

      This is a classic example of structural white supremacy in practice aided and abetted on a quotidian basis by regular white folks and others.

      •  oh, thank you, I will dig into this book and (1+ / 0-)
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        the documentary. I a sure I will learn a lot and get new insights I was not aware of. Thanks again.

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