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  •  You had me for a moment there (1+ / 0-)
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    Truth is I don't pay much attention. I can't stand republicans and I don't care what they are saying. My main concern is now and has been for decades the way Democrats are addressing the Republican lies and what the Democratic leadership is adding to the national debate.

    So after a very lengthy experience of observing the front page here and how often it is about Republicans I began tuning this website out.

    But I took you at your word and went backwards for page after page, well before the Boston tragedy. I still can't find it. Perhaps you mean in the diary section. Whatever you are talking about, it is at least almost hidden by the focus on media and Republicans.

    Either way, this Republican does not care what Jed L has to say and if I ever learned anything here from my long experience at this website, the Democrats don't care what anyone has to say here either. So what's the point?      

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