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  •  To be clear, (0+ / 0-)

    the unemployment rate for SF County was 6.0% at most recent measure. While that's certainly not bad, with respect to the "SF Business Times"- and you- that's hardly "red hot."

    Also, heading east from SF, Alameda County's rate is 7.7%, Contra Costa County's is 7.8%, Solano's 8.9%, Yolo's 11.1%, Sacramento County's 9.2%.

    For readers unfamiliar with the SF Bay Area, Sacramento (in Sacramento County, eponymously enough) is located roughly 1.5 hrs. from San Francisco barring traffic. Alameda County contains Oakland, another huge city in the Bay Area.

    Another thing that each of the five counties above contains is housing- and retail business- for virtually everyone who actually works in SF County.

    While SF might no longer be in a state of freefall- and the Bay Area is doing "better" than the rest of northern California, life is still really, really hard for most folks who live here. And, yes, that includes the hip folks who are fortunate enough to have won this generation's employment sweepstakes.

    And congrats on that, by the way.

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