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View Diary: Occupy... Great Idea, But Missed The Mark (13 comments)

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  •  True, it won't be like Oct. 2011. (0+ / 0-)

    The Wall Street Army, masquerading as Police, kicked our asses pretty good. Although I am still very much up for another round of that not very many are.
    The question still remains... just WTF are we going to do about it??
    Do we just give up?
    Wall Street would love that.
    I will pick up torch and pitchfork if I have to.
    I have had it.
    Apparently not enough have.
    They're still willing to bend over and grab ankles for these criminals.
    Where does #OWS go from here??
    Beats me, but I know it has morphed in many directions with many of the "leaders" moving to those other directions.
    One thing I do know. It's not dead. Yet. And, as more and more of the "middle class" join with those of us on the bottom of the food chain I very much suspect and expect "the mainstream" to join this "movement."
    Out of necessity. Out of survival.

    The current model can't stand. Is not sustainable. As David Atkins says, "the problem with Ayn Rand naked capitalism is The Rich soon run out of poor peoples' money." We're there. We have arrived at that point. With nowhere to go but up, The Rich now feed upon the lower middle class crowd. Then the middle class. Then...

    Where does #OWS fit in all of this?? I don't know, but voids are soon filled. Eventually the masses catch on that the game is rigged. I suspect and expect #Occupy will be there when they do. No one else has filled that void.

    As for 2012... The Election kinda got in the way.
    Bad timing, but there's only 24 hours in a day and most of us #Occupying in 2011 were Electifying in 2012.

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