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View Diary: Study Finds Unfettered Free Market Beliefs are Linked to Denial of Basic Scientific Facts (93 comments)

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    in American Politics by historian Richard Hofstadter (Pulitzer prize winner twice), 1952, addresses paranoia as the shadow side of democracy, with the potential of ending in totalitarianism. Eli Sagan's The Honey and the Hemlock: Democracy and Paranoia in Ancient Athens and Modern America, 1991, is another excellent book relevant to what is presently happening on the far right -- and so destructively affecting the nation. It's not new, to history or to America. It's almost funny (and tragic) to hear the same things said/written about guns, immigrants, "leftists" (my term) over the years -- even centuries. I don't think the Tea Partiers have any idea how trite they sound.

    This is a more recent study that specifically relates to the topic of this diary:

    Conspiracy Theories, Politics, Carbon Footprint....

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