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  •  Advanced Cost Recovery is a feeding trough (0+ / 0-)

    for utilities building nuclear power:

    "In the four states in the Southeast where funds are being collected from ratepayers under new advanced cost recovery for nuclear reactor construction in the Southeast, each individual nuclear reactor project costs $15 to $20 billion. Over $4 billion has already been approved for advanced cost recovery, yet it appears increasingly unlikely that the most of reactors will ever be built. Ratepayers will have paid billions but received nothing for their money. If reactor construction moves forward as proposed, almost $85 billion of construction costs will move into the utility rate-base causing rapid increases in typical consumer bills within a decade. Rate increases can mount to almost $70 per month before any power is generated by the reactors. Early cost recovery will not prevent rate shock."

    Basically, they get to bill their customers billion$$$ for years while the reactors are under construction even if the reactor is never finished in the end.  This puts all the risk onto ratepayers and gives the utility a "heads I win. tails you lose" arrangement with them.  

    This is really just a stealth and unfair feed-in tariff.  At least in places like Germany, where feed-in tariffs are used to support clean energy, the people paying them ACTUALLY GET ELECTRICITY OUT F THE DEAL.

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