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View Diary: Westboro Baptist Church is a no-show at bombing victim's funeral (77 comments)

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    What they really want is a confrontation where they can win a lawsuit. Read up. WBC leaders are all lawyers, members of the same family. They're shakedown artists. Nothing more. They have no ideology. They don't believe a word they say. Their sole agenda is money.

    Forget the god-hates-fags stuff for a second and look at the cost-benefit analysis on this from their point of view:

    The funeral was only announced late last week. So the money-grubbers from Topeka would have had to pay a pretty penny for plane tickets to Boston on that short of notice.

    Assuming, say, four of them were going to fly from Kansas City to Logan on Southwest, with four-day-in-advance purchase, you're looking at about $1,100 round-trip per person. Plus transportation and parking from Topeka to MCI Airport, plus cab fare from Logan to a hotel in Boston, plus two days in a hotel (gotta be there on Tuesday to file the suit). Plus meals. Plus god-hates-fags signs. Plus any other expenses like medical bills (from getting the crap beat out of them by a bunch of Teamsters) or bail (from being jailed).

    You're looking at laying out $7,000, minimum, with the hope that they can provoke some reprisal that might gain them a settlement a year or two from now.

    That's a losing proposition.

    Their game is up. People are on to them.

    If a cop beats you up, or falsely arrests you, he's an agent of government. And governments settle lawsuits like those because it's cheaper than fighting, even if the government is in the right and could win.

    But when organizations like the Teamsters step up? Well, even if something had gone wrong -- and it probably wouldn't have, because they're smarter than that -- the Teamsters would never have settled.

    After the Teamsters made their announcement, WBC wasn't coming. Perhaps they never were.

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