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View Diary: Toxic Texas politics on display in fertilizer plant explosion (126 comments)

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    They're not misinformed. They're just OK taking risks that are totally irresponsible.

    That's as common as it can be in American society, from gang members and white racist gun nutters who get involved in a violent lifestyle to conservatives who vote to make their communities less safe, on any number of issues.

    If you don't call out the irresponsible people who make concerted decisions in specific ways to make sure our communities are unsafe, then our communities will always be unsafe, unnecessarily and irresponsibly unsafe at that.

    And in turn it's irresponsible for liberals and people who know better to remain silent.

    And all just because some folks are perfectly happy to create places that are by definition unsafe for people to live in because they want what they want even though it's totally irresponsible. And who gets hurt? More often than not, it's the most vulnerable, ie their own children. And that's been proven time and time again.

    But they never change, because nobody has the guts or the integrity to call them out on how irresponsible they're being with their own kids' safety.

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