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View Diary: Toxic Texas politics on display in fertilizer plant explosion (126 comments)

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  •  There is closed air space around the area. You (1+ / 0-)
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    Bob Love

    don't need that kind of information.  Same thing happened in BP gulf - closed to air so no pictures can be taken.  Same as Keystone leak in Arkansas.  Closed air space, etc.  They need to keep the press out and information frozen.

    Why aren't these owners of the plant and those running the facility in jail?  They killed these people because of deliberate neglect and using dangerous home made rules for running the plant.

    What happened to those 40 - 60 - 80? people who were missing?  We they just vaporized?

    I know how bad everything in Boston was - 3 died and 200 hurt.  This factory had 14 dead, hundreds hurt and a large number missing and unaccounted for.  Where is all press?  BOSTON!  I say this plant is the same kind of terror conducted by people who didn't give a hoot who they killed.  A lot of those who were killed were first responders.

    And to think that Senator Cruz wants the taxpayer to pony up to take care of the people.  This is a problem with Texas regulators and private insurance.  

    But back to your question:  the area is being blocked off to the press.  No pictures.  The same that has happened in all of the CORPORATE catastrophies in the last few years.  No pictures because it is none of your business.

    •  in the Texas City ammonium nitrate explosions (1+ / 0-)
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      Bob Love

      in 1947 something like 590 people were confirmed dead. There was thought to be a couple of hundred unaccounted. for. The presumption was 'blown to bits' or 'turned to dust'. Body bits came ashore for a very long time. (The explosion was docked ships and land facilities, they were just blown out to sea. No DNA testing then)
      Crazy things happened with the power of that blast even at a very great distance.

      I did read that there were just a few unaccounted for in West now. I can understand why there would be a delay... since obviously survivors had to get out and no one was allowed back in the area.

      Texas city was decades ago... but it sure seems like it would have made a deeper impression that would endure, maybe especially in Texas.
      As far as inspections... regulations get weaker but also funding cuts have castrated many such agencies.

      There is more secrecy with  ammonium nitrate too, terrorism risks evidently rank higher than safety risks. As reporters delve in now some places/agencies are going to court to block having to release any info on what they have, citing security. Read that in some Dallas paper the other day... in fact they were one of the papers being blocked and fighting it.  Basically if a factory near you has this or some other scary things... you won't know.

      I ache that our congressional bodies aren't filled with intelligent, thoughtful people debating true solutions. Reasoned discussions, not the show kind where no one listens, no real response, spinning crap
      We could force more, bottom up stuff... but the spin draws in plenty of people or turns off many more. We don't move en masse.
      It kills people slowly or suddenly, body and/or soul.
      Truth is 'blown to bits' or 'turned to dust'  

      Especially in America. Really, what is wrong with us?

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