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View Diary: Toxic Texas politics on display in fertilizer plant explosion (126 comments)

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  •  They don't mix the anhydrous (0+ / 0-)

    As your link says, they store anhydrous (which is a liquid), and mix dry fertilizers.
    That being said, they reported the storage of the ammonium nitrate to the state authorities, but would the local volunteer fire department have been aware of that (you would think so, but then why were they using water near it?)?
    Here's what one person told me in another thread about this last week:

    Yes, you are right. AN + heat + (6+ / 0-)
    H2O = a very large bang.

    A small amount of water relative to AN fire can accelerate the reaction. A very large amount of water is needed to suppress this kind of fire. One fire unit just will not cut it and that is why I too suspect that they didn't know what they were dealing with.

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