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    What has Gov. Perry done to procure support from the federal government?  Try to imagine him engaging in conversation with Washington.  I can't - maybe the people of Texas need to look at their the failure of their state leadership at the next election.

    Gov. Christie was able to reach out and get help from the government during Sandy.  Gov. Patrick has been extremely proactive in embracing whatever help could come our way.

    Texas elected a stupid, stubborn governor.  This situation demonstrates why that's a bad idea.  In the end, the people of the state suffer terribly as a result of poor leadership.  if you'd had the kind of leadership NJ or Mass. has, things may be different.

    My heart goes out to the people of West, Texas.  Your governor has not done right by the people who are suffering, and that's not fair.  Between the fertilizer company an your leadership, you're right - it ain't right.

    But neither is terrorism.  An eight year old, a 23, 26, and 30 year old with their lives ahead of them, dead, all from working class neighborhoods and communities.    A newly wed couple who both lost limbs.  Numerous amputees.  A peaceful Muslim community living in fear of retaliation.  

    My hope is that West Texas and Boston can suffer and heal with best wishes for each other, and that Texas elects leaders who work for the people and can put their egos aside in times of tragedy.

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      I was formerly a prosthetic limb maker, thought about those poor people up there too.

      The people of Texas do look at their state leadership, some in approval of theocentric lawmaking, some are appalled and hurt by it. But GOP gerrymandering has succeeded here in a most definitive way, it's rigged bad.

      I don't know what we could possibly do to elect "leaders" who would help our education systems, our desperately fragile environment, our wholly corrupted juvenile prison system, our...

      makes me feel sad and sometmes hopeless.

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