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View Diary: Senate takes up bill to close the online sales tax loophole (131 comments)

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  •  Taxes have nothing to do with my choice of (1+ / 0-)
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    local or online shopping. I live in the sticks. The closest bookstore is about 40 miles away. Local isn't an option. If I want to replace the filter in the refrigerator ice maker, I have to buy that online. That's true of many things that simply are not available locally. An urban setting might have greater availability but would involve hours and miles to find in a brick and mortar store that has what I want in stock. They can't compete with the selection available through online shopping.

    OTOH, this computer I'm using was bought from a local mom and pop shop and I paid more than I would have online. I supported a local business. I could configure the machine the way I wanted. I avoided an underpowered proprietary power supply. I ensured it met all current standards. I bought a full license for the operating system so I can move it to another machine should this one fail. Those considerations can not be satisfied either online or in a big box store.

    Taxes were not a consideration.

    State and local sales taxes are appropriate when the local merchant benefits from state and local infrastructure and code enforcement, etc. When I buy online the item is delivered by a truck that uses local streets and roads, but that's covered by gas taxes. Just thought I'd head off that objection. :-P

    Others have simply gotten old. I prefer to think I've been tempered by time.

    by Just Bob on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 06:10:54 PM PDT

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