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    Sara R, Avilyn, winglion, arizonablue

    1: There's a typo in the Made to Order Custom Quilts blurb on the homepage: "As you will see in the GALLERY we can make a handmade personalized quilts for every occasion."

    2: I'm running IE8 at work (I know, not my choice!) and it doesn't like the homepage at all. The other pages look properly formatted but the homepage is just ... broken. Below the About Winglion story you get one long colum that narrows as it goes down. The More Articles box shares the single column with the Lavender Quilts story, reducing each line in it and later stories to a few words per line.

    The  homepage is fine in Chrome.

    Normally, I'd not get worked up about those things but you did ask for constructive feedback.

    You're doing a great thing with Community Quilts!!

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