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  •  That must have been my mistake (16+ / 0-)

    During my Peace Corps training homestay, where we stayed with host families for three weeks, I stayed with a family who had 50 rai (a rai is about 1/3 of an acre) of durian trees.  It was March and durians were just coming into season.

    I knew that the day would come where my host family would have me try the fruit, and sure enough, I came home after language class to my entire host family greeting me at the door, with the durian at hand.

    My 'older brother' greeted me with the first words of english he said to me, "Durian, King of Fruit," and "Don't worry, Mark tried it and liked it".  Mark was my best friend in Peace Corps, and one of the finickiest eaters you can imagine.

    So, I was resigned to try it, even as I could smell the odor of the fruit that was uncut.  It only got worse as they started cutting it and getting the fruit out of the rind.

    (BTW - durian smells like rotten strawberries and bananas would, if someone inserted them in your sinus cavities).

    They got it onto a plate and gave me a spoon to scoop the fruit, with has a texture that resembles frozen baby food, only not cold.  Even at this point, I was not going to say the fruit tasted bad, as these kind people had me stay in their home for three weeks.

    But then, I attempted to bring the scoop of fruit towards my face, and I actually had a battle of wills between my conscious mind, and my sensory and motor neural systems, which resisted me bringing that spoon towards my mouth.

    My conscious mind prevailed, and after a good 20 seconds or so, which seemed like an eternity, I forced my motor neural system into submission and forced the scoop of durian into my mouth.  My cranial nerves entered the battle, as my hypoglossal nerve refused to let me take the durian to the back of the mouth and swallow it.

    Eventually I did swallow it, and it felt like a lump of stone fell through my esophagus into my stomach.  My host family asked if I liked it, and at this point, I couldn't lie, and said 'no, I didn't' (in Thai at this point). They replied, "Mark didn't like it either." and started laughing, as earlier keeping a straight face as they were watching the epic battle unfolding on my facial and body expressions.

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