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View Diary: Game of Thrones: And Now His Watch Is Ended (96 comments)

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  •  I like the departure too (2+ / 0-)
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    Mote Dai, caul

    Most notably, the departure isn't so much in the storyline, but in the perspective.  Each chapter in the books is told from the perspective of one character, and only a handful of characters get chapters.  (Well, a relative handful).  So we actually only hear about a lot of things second-hand.  Like anything with Robb and his wife--- Robb hasn't had any chapters in the books so far, so we really only see him when he has dialogue with his father, mother, or siblings, who have had chapters.  His marriage came straight out of the blue, but we never got to see any romance develop (and certainly no sexy descriptions!).

    Same with anything between Joffrey and Margaery-- we only get Cersei's description.  While I find it masterful the way Martin manages to paint things with the perspective of the point-of-view, I really really find it painful to be inside Cersei's head.  Exactly the kind of person I hate to be around, much less in the mind of (She would have fit right in on FOX News if it existed).

    So there's a lot of new views of old stuff, and some interesting details filling in.  

    Conservatives need to realize that their Silent Moral Majority is neither silent, nor moral, nor a majority.

    by nominalize on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 10:12:24 PM PDT

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    •  You're misreading Cersei (1+ / 0-)
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      She is a woman in a medieval-era Man's world, and she has and will do whatever it takes to keep the reins of power wound round her pale, delicate smooth-skinned hands.



      It doesn't make her stupid or foolish (which is what I'm assuming you mean by your remark about Fox News). It makes her determined.

      Of course, she's also completely self-centered and egotistical, but she was raised to be exactly that. So in a certain way, she's a total success.

      Until Joffrey is no longer sitting upon the Iron Throne as King. Then things are going to get really interesting for Cersei.

      "I like paying taxes...with them, I buy Civilization"

      by Angie in WA State on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 11:03:31 PM PDT

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      •  by Fox News I meant something different (5+ / 0-)

        Willing to do what it takes is a feature of every character in this book.  That's not what bothers me.  What I mean is that Cersei is paranoid, delusional, self-centered, self-serving, and sadistically manipulative in a blunt and obvious way that fools no one (i.e., not the way Littlefinger or Varys are).  But since she has so much power, via her father and her son, people have to acquiesce, which she wrongly interprets as having pulled one over on people.  As Tyrion is wont to point out every time reality bites her in the ass.

        Her decisions are driven by impulses of petty revenge rather than to serve an actual strategy, and she prefers the cheap thrill of humiliating people (Sansa, Tyrion, Margaery, etc) over doing anything particularly useful or wise.  Despite this, she's always ready with a rationalization or excuse in case anyone calls her out on her bullshit.  If she put half as much effort into doing what's right (even relative to this universe) instead of making excuses for her impulses, she'd have far more success.  She's just like nearly every conservative jackass out there, especially those in the media, especially those on Fox News--- right down to the blonde hair.

        And in the books, it's painful to read her chapters because we have her perspective, so we SEE the way that she just sees the world differently, we live her narcissistic paranoia, and we have to follow her "thought processes".  It's masterfully written, but I hate her so.  

        Conservatives need to realize that their Silent Moral Majority is neither silent, nor moral, nor a majority.

        by nominalize on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 11:30:11 PM PDT

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        •  Completely Agree. (0+ / 0-)

          As stated below, Tywin is right in that she's not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. To some extent she IS doing what only a woman in this society can do, but the difference is exactly as you've pointed out. Majaery is a better example thus far in the show of what it takes to be a woman in a position to take political power in the only way they can and you can see that she probably has learned this not just because she's smart, but because her grandmother (love Diana Rigg!) appears to be a professional at it. I was very pleased to see Tywin kind of put Cersi in her place in this past episode. He pretty much summed up what a lot of the viewers were thinking. And Joffrey is a direct result of Cersi's actions in terms of being a mother, I think. The kid probably already had sociopathic proclivities, but her teachings combined with his misogynistic attitude mutated into something terrible.

      •  You say "stupid" as if it's mutually exclusive (3+ / 0-)
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        caul, loblolly, trumpeter

        While the line is not from the book, Tywin (and Tyrion) are right -- she really isn't as smart as she thinks she is.

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        by mbayrob on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 12:38:36 AM PDT

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