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  •  Obama has been both ostracized and usurped. (2+ / 0-)
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    3goldens, Calamity Jean

    He and his administration are 1%'ers and he's  continuously trying to prove he's not a "European socialist radical".

    There needs to be a voice. There needs to be a voice on the left that demands fixes to the worst excesses of our capitalism, to save our democracy. It won't be Obama. It can't be the relentless lone Bernie Sanders, also ostracized as a socialist. God bless Bernie Sanders. And the OWS-usurping-utotpians like small game in the jungle.  

    Somebody needs to percolate up. People are ready.

    Maybe Bloomberg will come to realize that it's unrestrained corporate excess that he truly needs to fight and he finances a real movement. Of course, there would then be a deafening uprising of True Blue Democrats screaming about Bloomberg's impurities and refusing a coalition.

    Maybe the Tea Party will realize that it's not intellectual elites who have betrayed them but corporate excesses and political corruption and we can align just long enough to "crash the gates".  The Millenials have enough distance from the past to get the best shot IMO.

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