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  •  well, we already know what we can predict (0+ / 0-)

    with our current path....capitalism is poison. Let's feed and shelter everyone, because we can, and see what happens when millions are free to use their full intellectual potential instead of slaving away in starvation. The best way to prevent overpopulation? Educate women. it works, with a proven track record. You are stil thinking in archaic terms of companies and bills; since money is a fiction created by states out of whole cloth. we don't really need to worry about who pays the bills; there doesn't have to be any bills. Paying bills is merely symbolic. Companies would be operated by worker coops. Imagine no shareholders. I urge you to start reading Richard Wolfe. I appreciate your thoughtful response, it's no secret that i disagree with most of what your write. As for a control economy, we haveone now  , but the folks in control have rigged it to favor a small group of plutocrats and fatcats.I suggest we replace that with democracy.....

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