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View Diary: GOP law weakening protection of Mich dunes bearing fruit for developers, sensitive dunes at risk (29 comments)

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  •  Know Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes well (4+ / 0-)
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    Bob Johnson, figbash, ShoshannaD, ColoTim

    I spent 8 summers in Interlochen at what was then called National Music Camp.  In my first 6, in Junior and Intermediate divisions, one of the outings would be a day trip to the Dunes.

    I also took canoe trips that ended not far from there on IIRC the Little Platte River.

    ONe of our counselors had parents who had a cabin at Glen Arbor, nearby.

    Those dunes are unbelievably beautiful.

    To stand at the top and look down the steep lakeside slope over the water was magnificent

    they should be protected - absolutely.

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    by teacherken on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 05:40:11 AM PDT

    •  My wife and I... (4+ / 0-)
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      Bob Johnson, figbash, ShoshannaD, ColoTim engaged on the beach in the Saugatuck Dunes and married in the Sleeping Bear Dunes just north of Glen Arbor. We recharge our spiritual batteries in the Sleeping Bear Dunes, staying at the D. H. Day campground which is a mile or so south of Glen Arbor. My heart is up there, no question.

      Thankfully, the Sleeping Bear Dunes are a national park so they, at least, are protected for eternity.

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      -- Dr. Peter Venkman

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      by Eclectablog on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 05:46:02 AM PDT

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      •  After reading many of your diaries, and seeing (2+ / 0-)
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        Eclectablog, Illinois IRV

        how Republicans see any undeveloped land as an affront to their sensitivities, I don't count any national parkland as "protected for eternity".  If they can find a way - national security provided by mining minerals under a national park for example, they'll keep buying off politicians and developers until they can get their way.  Don't forget, some of these people feel the rapture is around the corner so there's no point in trying to preserve these lands for even fifty years, let alone "eternity".

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