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View Diary: Abortion Murder Trial Unfolds, Once Again, Proving Need For Safe And Legal Reproductive Choices (17 comments)

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  •  Making currency scarce has all kinds of (2+ / 0-)
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    intended and un-intended consequences. Preventing women from making decisions about their physical well-being is not un-intended.
    Male control freaks, and it is mostly males, are incensed by the idea that they are not able to reproduce at will. They perceive the female as an impediment to be overcome. If persuasion doesn't work, then they have to be coerced. We have an epidemic of rape because controlling males are in sympathy with those who act on their impulses. If they weren't cowards, they'd do it themselves.
    I am obviously just speculating here, but it seems possible that the effort to procreate is sort of a last chance alternative for people whose creative powers are scant. They want to "make a baby" because they can't make anything else.
    Willard's setting up "makers" and "takers" as alternatives is a clue that the meaning of those words in the context of the material world is unknown to him. He "makes" people do things and the people he makes are people who take orders.
    ExxonMobil, a corporation excelling in taking oil and gas out of the ground, proclaims "the idea is all it takes" in reference to extracting natural gas. That's a bit more sophisticated than the Texas legislator who talks about the earth being good to poke holes in, and philosophers might even define it as "idealism" judging it superior to the real. That the idea has to come first before reality can be recognized goes back to Plato. I suspect it tells us that out-of-touch people have always been with us. Their tactile sense seems to be flawed or missing. So, they don't connect with material reality and exist in a fog of ephemeral ideas. Not having a sense of time seems to be related.
    No sense of time or material progression seems to be central to the proponents of human procreation, regardless of cost. Indeed, it's possible that they don't recognize cost, either -- not cost in currency, though that too, but the cost to a woman's physical well-being. Perhaps people who don't reproduce can't count the cost. Perhaps people who can't count, can't relate to people who pay the price. Perhaps ownership is as far as they can go. They don't get that to own is to owe.

    Strange that the binary folk can't identify with the other side. They sit on the see-saw of life, never aware that as they rise in the air, the other goes down.

    Forgive the stream of consciousness. I think your handle prompts me to it. :)

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 04:22:14 AM PDT

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