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View Diary: NJ: "Go Ahead, Admit It: George W. Bush Is a Good Man" (233 comments)

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  •  NOT THE ONION (15+ / 0-)

    When I first saw this article, I had to convince myself (by the title) that it wasn't The Onion.  When I realized that it was written by hack extraordinaire Ron Fournier, I could tell what to expect.

    I posted it on Facebook an hour ago with the following comment:

    "I'm sure that Dubya is caring to his wife, loving to his children, and good to his friends (the latter a marked contrast with Cheney, who shoots them in the face rather than the back). However, goodness cannot be limited to personal relations alone, and without a broader sense of integrity, a commitment to justice, and a regard for the dignity and humanity of others, "goodness" is shallow, if not meaningless."

    We have not yet matured in our understanding of ethics if we still view it only on the plane of individual relations.  Justice and goodness cannot mean anything in social or global terms if we reduce morality to the commonality of interpersonal relations, ignoring structural elements and the morality between groups.

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