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     It is a fiction that all the buildings in San Francisco are safe because they have already had earthquakes there.  
       Many many of the smaller buildings were built to the old codes right after 1906 because of the huge frenzied efforts to rebuild the city right after the earthquake.  
       The larger ones may have been retrofitted up to greater standards in recent years, but a lot of the smaller ones have not.  In fact, it recall it was 1956 that real codes were started to be implemented.     Building code violations have been common in the city, and there are a lot of loopholes that the smaller landlords have gotten.
        A lot of the highrises were internally damaged by the 89 earthquake, cracked beams and shifted supports, but if they met code before the earthquake and there is no obvious visible damage, they are fully inhabited and used right now.  
        They have known ever since 89  that all the 'soft story' buildings, the ones with large open spaces on the first floors, are highly vulnerable to collapse, but retrofits haven't been done on most of those in the city.  
         A smaller followon earthquake can do more damage to previous marred buildings than the one in '89.
         Residents of the entire bay area need to know where the fault lines are, what shaking levels willl be, and something about the construction of the buildings they live in and work in, and keep the pressure on local officials to be prepared.  
          At the very least, keep a weeks worth of water/liquids and food and meds on hand so you won't have to go out and about.


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