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    My day so far: overslept, scrambled for work, running late for an 8 am meeting....that actually doesn't start until 9. I have this meeting every week.

    So here's the question of the day: what are "we" (by which I mean some of we) so afraid of? I was reading someone's diary last night about an admittedly ugly event in the news, and the comment thread took about 2 seconds to veer off topic and explode into an argument about religion and why we should all be athiests. (Note: I really appreciate that C&J seems to be full of people who can disagree without requiring someone else to change behavior.) This morning, a brief diary that included a derogatory reference to a lifestyle choice that resulted in nearly as many HRs as recs. And the reference was in no way related to the topic--and that happens a lot. Come on, people, you don't have to like country music, but why do you care if someone else does? It's kind of like there are people (who probably aren't reading this!) who have to kind of auto-slur someone or some group before (they think) they'll be taken seriously?

    Quote of the day: what's so funny about peace, love, and understanding (Elvis Costello)? Why should letting people live their lives (when they aren't in the business of causing harm, anyway), why should working for peace or the health and well-being of all be something that we regard as less-than, vis a vis violence, putting people in their place, or advocating they do things "our" way?

    It just seems like there's been so much of that everywhere lately--more publicly than ever. (not going to pretend it hasn't been behind the scenes) Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there's an unsettling momentum building and the rest of us should settle in for a group meditation and hand out cups of chamomile tea and plates of lemon lavender cookies to any passing stranger.

    Angsty-rant over. Thanks for listening. Maybe I won't read anything about the news for a while. Think that would help?

    Cheers to cats with eyes that look like Eddie C's been at them with photoshop, the mountains, forests, and shorelines and everything in between. Cheers to everyone doing good in the world.

    Oops. My "8 o'clock" meeting is about to start. I should go do something useful.

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