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    Can a nurse or someone see your MIL for her butt problem and school MIL on how to apply her own creams?  Or get her to wipe and/or wash herself properly so no one else has to do such things for her?  Or did you already say that has been done and she still doesn't follow directions?  Get a nurse/medical person to go over it again and again and again and again until she finally listens?

    I've been following this MIL butt problem for ages now, and have slowly formed the opinion that MIL has a psychological problem if she insists others have to tend to her ass and/or close to her ass rashes and/or other problems in her nether regions.

    A medicated sitz bath or something might be a good remedy..., as long as it's a visiting nurse or other caretaker that does the physical helping.  There are ads for specialized tubs for old people now - might need to remodel the bathroom, but it would be preferable to you having to tend to your MILs personal nether regions.  It should not have to be you who tends to personal regions of MIL's body.

    [I'm speaking as an old woman here.  I would come close to dying of embarrassment if a medical person had to take care of my personal needs, and just might at least pass out from embarrassment if a relative had to take care of me.  I had a hard enough time with the catheter after my spinal surgery in 2000.  Mercifully, saving me from embarrassment, they had inserted it after they anesthetized me for the eight+ hour surgery, and removing it a day or two later took all of two seconds, but I was red-faced while they had to spread my legs to do so.  (I've always had a difficult time with medical exams that involve spreading my legs for a stranger, be it vaginal or rectal exams.)  I would never ask a relative to do such personal things for me as apply a medicated cream or anything else involving the region between my legs.  Perhaps a husband if I had one of those since he would be familiar with the region because of "personal association" as part of a marital relationship, but certainly no others, most particularly not relatives.]

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