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View Diary: Eric Rudolph and the rights of American terrorists (55 comments)

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    Be Skeptical source of information is The Boston Globe.  What makes you think that simply because a few days had passed between the bombing and the time of Tsarnaev's capture that no further attacks were planned?  Are you utterly unaware that the Tsarnaev brothers were tossing homemade hand grenades out the window of the stolen SUV as they were being pursued and tossed another pressure cooker bomb at the police (rather ineffectively) during the gunfight in Watertown?  What do you think they were planning to do with that pressure cooker bomb had they not been caught?  I don't know about you, but given that information, the possibility that other bombs might exist and that other attacks were planned is a conclusion that any reasonable person, law enforcement or not, would draw.

    I suspect I'm a little closer to first-hand information than you are, since it happens that the first bomb exploded literally three doors from my place of employment.  While I was safely ensconced at home that day, some people I know were at the finish line and witnessed the explosions.  Others who I am acquainted with were among the injured.

    I am quite well aware that the FBI and DOJ remain fallible and corruptible organizations even under Democratic administrations.  My point is that Tsarnaev was ultimately read his rights and afforded counsel (specifically the lead public defenders with experience defending other local accused terrorists), and President Obama has made it unequivocally clear that he will be tried in civilian court.  If Republicans were still in power, he would not have been read his rights and would be on a plane to Guantanamo as soon as he is released from the hospital.

    Critical scrutiny of government institutions is absolutely necessary to sustain an open, democratic society, but an attitude of total skepticism is what separates the conspiracy theorist from the responsible citizen.

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