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View Diary: Obama isn't to blame for Republican vows to block any and all gun reforms (139 comments)

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  •  Ok, but the single does not = the general here (1+ / 0-)
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    from all I've experienced, seen, read etc.  I certainly in no way meant to minimize your personal perspective.

    OTOH, perhaps theirs a lesson there in that I know it as 'poor=black' and you know it as 'black=poor'?  the former is more how the bigots have 'ghetto-ized' poverty so that whites would be less concerned with economic hardship and easier targets for the political party of the privileged (whoever that was at a certain and place) to co-opt, while the later is more of an view from inside the effect of the policies that propaganda produced and that were required to 'validate' same (and which, at least in the first century or so, were exactly what the priivileged - so many of whom - or their families - were slaveholders, related to, beholden to, etc. - the North had a succession of 'minorities' to demonize, the Irish, the Polish, the Italians, but the South always made it about blacks).

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