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    This week - last weekend and now - we hgad the first generation of dandelions. It s always a mass coming up all at once. And in the first generation all in lockstep. now they have made their parachute seedball heads and from now on all the countless successive waves will flow into each other and become inseparable until about september or october depending on warmth. But the first dandelion generation always is a recognizable thing! But its quick! Up - flower - sunshine - seed - rinse and repeat!

    totally different plant strategies begin to play out. The ground swell of the strong late summer plants begins to spread. Stone and honey clovers, or the washing-powder plant (of which I know no english name). They bring up their mass of green and they tank light and energy all summer and grow strong and smother all the quick and fragile early flowers. At the end of summer dandelion will have a hard time against the strong weeds! But now, its the first forceful one and rules. For a while.

    I missed the onions. I think they are up there too, but they can be missed in the growing grass, I think I need to look harder, but I can only ever cast a quick glance from riding the bike and need to get to work and avoid crashing headlong into opposing traffic because of unattentive riding.

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