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  •  Thanks for sharing your project. (6+ / 0-)

    I just spent the last hour learning about Hugekulture. I think that I have to make this next year's project. I used straw bales last year and still coasting on the soil made from them. I miss the height where the straw bales started. Currently, they are only six inches above ground (I nestled them down about 4 inches to start). The wood working as a sponge is almost like "wicking gardening" but better (no plastic). I was wondering about how many years does the self-watering feature works. I guess it depends on the amount and type of wood.

    Your project looks great and very tidy. I hope you will keep us posted as it evolves.

    •  I learned about it in a comment a month or two (2+ / 0-)
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      Polly Syllabic, RiveroftheWest

      back in one of the Saturday Morning Garden Blog diaries.  The comment there either linked or suggested something that led me to a site that talked about it, AND mentioned that cherry wood was toxic to dogs.  We had just noticed one of our beagles was gnawing on some of the wood on the patio, so it was the perfect time to get that wood off the patio and buried so the dog couldn't get to it.  That old synchronicity at work.

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