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  •  nothing, I didn't complain, this is OPOL's (1+ / 0-)
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    One Pissed Off Liberal


    He wrote a diary, which I didn't even read and overlooked, I just stumbled in his apology diary and then went backto see for what kind of diary he was apologizing for.

    I didn't see anything in there, which needed an apology, imo.

    And I saw some answers to him that were the same formulations that were used in my non-diary shout-out last year.

    Whereas my comment in my diary were clearly uncalled for and over the top and needed an apology, I just wanted to say that I saw nothing in OPOLs diary that was over the top he needed to apologize for.

    That's all. Sorry for commenting at all.

    Again, I am very happy here and have never experienced unfriendly opposition. I know that at times I go overboard. OPOL afaik never does or did.

    Just saying ...

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