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  •  I am happy to repeat: (0+ / 0-)
    And also, please address the diarists links which explains in detail mainstream media content.
    The media sell a product. And they sell the product they think most people want to buy. It's no different than selling soap or corn flakes. With the exception of the paid propaganda network (Fox), the media sell conservatism because it sells. If they thought a liberal-left viewpoint would sell as well, the media would be selling us DFH viewpoints and be just as happy (like MSNBC does after it made the business decision to become the opposite of Fox News)). Most of them don't care which ideology they sell, as long as people buy it.

    Me, I think the whole "the media is against us boo hoo hoo" thing is just a convenient excuse for losing caused by incompetent organizing and inability to find, stick to, and communicate a message that people agree with. When the Dems fight AGAINST positions that a majority of people want, then "the media" is not the Dem's problem--the Dems themselves are the problem. Blaming it on "the media hates us boo hoo hoo" may be a convenient excuse, but it doesn't solve the problem.

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