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View Diary: How to Debunk the "Liberal Media" Myth (136 comments)

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  •  I just say 2 things (0+ / 0-)

    The Sunday morning political talk shows over represent conservative politicians by a large margin.

    Look at who owns the media, billion dollar multinational companies, have you ever known large corporations to be liberal?

    When they mention Disney owning ABC I reply "Yes, Disney may appear socially liberal and provides a gay friendly workplace but look at the legislation they get passed regarding copyright, intellectual property and the recent bill in Florida stopping municipalities from raising the minimum wage, in the areas of money they're as conservative as it gets."

    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -- George Bernard Shaw

    by Inspector Javert on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 09:53:51 AM PDT

    •  interesting . . . . (0+ / 0-)

      Accordfing to FEC data (find it at, Disney gave $1.4 million in campaign contributions for all federal elections in 2012, of which 81% went to Dems.  Their top ten recipients were:

      Obama, Barack (D)     Pres    $312,647
      Berman, Howard L (D-CA)     House    $38,750
      Romney, Mitt (R)     Pres    $38,000
      Nelson, Bill (D-FL)     Senate    $24,500
      Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI)     Senate    $21,666
      Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN)     Senate    $19,333
      Cardin, Ben (D-MD)     Senate    $16,333
      Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA)     Senate    $14,050
      Webster, Daniel (R-FL)     House    $12,250
      Warren, Elizabeth (D-MA)     Senate    $12,200

      Indeed, if you look at ALL the corporate media conglomerates, you will find that nearly all of them hgave the majorioty of their money to Democtrats.  And yes, that includes News Corp, the company that owns Fox News.

      The idea that the corporations that own the media are all Republican contributors, is simply wrong. They give the majority of their money to Democrats, consistently, year after year.

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