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  •  I find it interesting that MSNBC began its life as (2+ / 0-)
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    a copy of CNN, a milquetoast neutral no-waves de facto conservative, as is most of US politics.

    It changed NOT because of any ideological change in its ownership, but because it didn't get ratings, couldn't sell airtime, and had to try a new schtick. And the schtick it hit upon was to become the alter-Fox, and gather up any viewers that Fox wasn't getting. That formula worked, and they've stuck with it. Had it NOT worked, MSNBC would have dropped it like a hot potato and gone on to something else.

    I find it amusing to see all the big corporate-conspiracy theories about how progressive views are banned from the air.  The simple reality is that progressive views aren't on the air because we are a tiny minority even within our own party and nobody but us wants to watch or listen to us.  When we DO get on the air, we die quickly for lack of ratings. I find it doubly amusing that the rightwingnuts had the very same excuse back when THEY were a tiny minority that was ignored by THEIR own party--"the liberal media hates us boo hoo hoo".  THEY responded by organizing effectively and becoming a disciplined political power that captured a major party and dominated American politics for 40 years.  We, on the other hand, prefer to cry in our beers because the big evil media hates us boo hoo hoo. We should learn a lesson from the nutballs.

    It may be comforting for us to believe that everyone loves us, everyone agrees with us, and the only reason we don't win like gangbusters is because of the big corporate conspiracy to keep us off the air---but the sad reality is that nobody CARES what we say, because progressives are nothing but a tiny ignored minority who don't HAVE any consistently-accepted message to put out. Even our own goddamn party ignores us, so why should the media pay us any attention?

    And that is entirely our fault and no one else's. The whole "the conservative media hates us !!!" is just an excuse. An excuse that doesn't help us.

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