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    the money.

    "...where have all the soldiers gone? gone to graveyards, everyone...war-what is it good for? absolutely nothing...blood rack barbed wire politician's funeral pyre innocents raped with napalm fire. twenty-first century schizoid man...suicide, too many bills, hippies moving to the hills, people all over the world are shouting 'end the war' and the band played on...evil man make you kill me. evil man make me kill you. even though we're only families apart...clear the battlefield and let me see all the profits from our victory...politicians hide themselves away. they only started the war. why should they go out to fight? they leave that role to the poor...death defying mutilated armies scatter the earth. crawling out of dirty holes, their morals disappear...war is over-if you want it. war is over now...father, father we don't need to escalate. you see, war is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate...and god lives in underground silos, hanging on for judgement day. if we don't open our eyes pretty soon, then the dark ages'll be here to stay...i'm living with war in my heart everyday. i'm living with war right now..." heroes, all.

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