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  •  Why I do not own a handgun (1+ / 0-)
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    I grew up in a gun-friendly, military-farming family.

    Guns were tools. Rather ho hum, not at all glamorized and I NEVER heard of the '2nd Amendment' until I was much older. We never talked about that. I was given a .22 rifle as a teenager and , of course, not allowed to use it because, contrary to the whole appearance one gets from the GOP and NRA (frick and frack), it's dangerous and kids aren't to play with them. I was allowed to shoot it when we went out into the country once in awhile. The rest of the time it was locked up. I found where it was hidden - but never touched it. It was dangerous. It shoots bullets. Small ones but still dangerous.

    That gun was stolen off my porch in Newburgh Indiana in 1986. I never replaced it nor have I ever bought a firearm (powderburning).

    Now it's the 21st century, gun violence (which I will define as all injuries or fatalities due directly to a discharged firearm, intentional or accidental) really is just outrageous. it's amazing. It's sick. So many preventable tragedies, with the 'prevention' tied up in corporate politics, republicans and some Dems running interference for the NRA to thwart the expressed will of the People.

    The People WANT 'Gun Control" which really is better expressed as "gun regulation". Much of 'gun violence' is 'accidents". Accidents I say stem directly from a ridiculously slack attitude MANY gun owners SEEM to have regarding guns.

    "Guns don't kill people, people do" is true: technically. What is covered up, glossed over and not talked about enough is the fact that that gun needs to be secured AT ALL TIMES.

    My little Mossberg 22 was stolen because I did not secure it. 1986 Newburgh Indiana was about as crime-free as it gets. I went to work and left my house unlocked. Those days. My fault. That COULD have been a tragedy except that MOST people I knew who had guns had the same attitude: "Don't touch" and everything is fine.

    Now we have to change the rules and the mindset. My plan to have a small gauge double-barrel standing in a corner for whenever it might be needed for who-knows-what, probably isn;t the bestest of ideas so I'll have to craft a secure solution, likely a trap-door built into the wall for secure but quick access.


    I do not own a handgun because it isn't something I can really use. Handguns are doubtlessly the biggest problem in "gun control'.

    But guns are already quite regulated. I cannot shoot a handgun or any firearm on my property in city limits. That seems rather prudent. If I had a handgun, I'd have to go places and pay fees to shoot it. Hassle.

    I also do not believe - for a moment - that  handgun provides me much more safety than not having one. I cant shoot at people without one, but shooting at people doesn't translate directly into be protected. As I like to say "Guns do not protect you from bullets"

    So I see handguns as a very expensive, serious liability, that I can't use except in certain conditions which are a pain in the ass to have, a pain in the ass that does NOT balance out the hassle with the protection I desire.

    A dog -  a real dog - is the single best home defense/deterrence there is.

    I am not saying ban handguns.

    I am saying that those interested in dealing with the 'gun problem' might make some real in-roads attacking the MYTH that handguns really provide X,Y,& Z in terms of protection. I don't think they do.

    Lastly: regulations for storage should be stringent and people need to be aware that accidents of any type with a gun will mean your guns will be impounded pending a review: you may or may not get them back

    I also would like to see serious training courses be required for people purchasing weapons for the first time.

    We can seriously reduce gun accidents, easily and cheaply and RESPONSIBLE gun owners can keep their guns.

    •  That said, I am still a 'shooter' (1+ / 0-)
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      I use compressed air rifles, a 22cal and a 25 cal.

      Can shoot them anytime I want, in my yard, day or night.

      the 25 will piece sheet steel at nearly 15 meters. its very powerful for a non-powder-burning gun. I have dispatched many unwanted rodents with it.

      I'm a fair shot and I practice.

      But I don't believe I need a handgun.

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