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View Diary: You are much better than I am at figuring out what actions we should take (208 comments)

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    Yes, most of us are more fond of Daily Kos than Facebook and Twitter. But the truth is, if we don't get the word out to a wider group of people—non-political junkies, in fact—we're not going to be effective.

    It's more than simply social media and blogging. It's engagement - tying news & information together with good sources, pointing out what's wrong with bad ones, and providing clear information in digestible (but not bumper-sticker) bits that can be verbally communicated by the general public, the heretics, the unbelievers and the Great Unwashed (i.e., my cousins, and a couple of ferrets living down the road).

    My thought is that by engaging once in a while on issues that don't necessarily reach certain current site threshholds or markers, but which engage particular communities in meaningful ways, you broaden the reach and impact of other campaigns as more interest is generated outside our normal "bubble."

    I wrote a bloody exposé of a comment below about that...hope it's clear.

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