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View Diary: Will the Response to the Boston Bombers Encourage More Terrorism? (43 comments)

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  •  No, temporary effects aren't the point. (5+ / 0-)
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    Ender, Pandora, eparrot, Eyesbright, Bud Fields

    I don't think so. They want to kill and leave people in fear, not have a week that ends happily with terrorists in custody.   All in all, it's hard to see much in the way of a road to success from a terrorist standpoint.

    That's not even "gun control". It's more like "massacre control".

    by Inland on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 12:57:55 PM PDT

    •  Yes. Stephen Colbert was suggesting interview (2+ / 0-)
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      Inland, Eyesbright

      questions for candidates for the next head of Al Qaeda:

      Question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

      Answer: Sliding off a plank into the ocean.

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