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    and we could go on and on in circles (and we do! lol) debating the "that", because many of us maintain that the root goes even deeper (than campaign finance reform) and is a big reason why Occupy took off like it did back in 2011. Its also a reason why Occupy floundered and ultimately "failed" (or was squelched to be more accurate) i.e. the "corporate coup of our democracy", Citizens United, etc etc... and around and around we go.

    So how do we address that?


    DKos has its "inside" agitators and gate crashers and then it has its "outside" rabble-rousers & hell-raisers. The proverbial sux vs rox "factions" who are often at odds with each other.  We're going to disagree on a helluva lot of issues (and especially on methods) but do we not all agree at least on This One Thing? Serious question.

    And if so, then what can we - collectively - do about it? What kinds of DK Actions can the Bowers team cook up that would help nudge, if not actually move, this issue forward? (instead of us just spinning our wheels)....

    I know theres no simple answers just kinda thinking out loud here...

    If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution. ~ Emma Goldman

    by Lady Libertine on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 08:27:36 AM PDT

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