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View Diary: Republicans struggle as immigration reform approaches (40 comments)

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  •  Not every opponent is a bigot (0+ / 0-)

    There are a quite a few minorities who are against illegal immigration and not wanting to grant illegal immigrants the same rights as legal immigrants. My parents are legal immigrants. By having so many illegals here, there will be less pressure to increase the legal allocation of immigrants from such countries because we have plenty of cheap labor provided by the illegals. I don't see this as a good situation.

    I personally do not think there is anything we as a country owe illegal immigrants. But I do recognize that it is the humane AND PRACTICAL thing to do.Also,  I recognize the pioneering spririt of those who crossed the border illegally and took great risks to come here(no different and a lot less violent way of getting here compared to the whites who went westward in the 19th century) and that pioneering and risk taking spirit may add to the character of the country offsetting the other behaviors we have to condone in them coming over illegally in the first place. But it is still jumping the line ahead of those who try to come here legally from the same south of the border countries. So what I do not agree is the right they demand. The US treats them better than what their home countries would treat similar illegals. Just look at how Mexico deals with illegals.

    So where do I standon this? Not strongly one way or the other. I lean towards rewarding illegals on a case by case basis based on if they are a drain or help to their new country.

    •  exceptions for human rights asylum seekers (0+ / 0-)

      Of course, if the families can show that they need asylum here, I don't care about their status. Just let them stay here.

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