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View Diary: "Conservative Media"? No, not really (79 comments)

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    1. Most corporations DO give to both sides.  The media, as an industry, doesn't.  It consistently supports Dems year after year, which makes it an anomaly.

    2.  If the corporate money in elections doesn't matter, why do we cry and weep about Citizens United all the time.   Is that "irrelevant" too?

    Or is money only irrelevant when it's on OUR side.

    The media kisses up to the rightwingers because the rightwingers dominate American politics.  If progressives dominated American politics, they'd be kissing up to us instead. But alas "progressives" are ignored and marginalized even in their own party, so there's no earthly reason why the press SHOULD pay us the slightest attention, since no one else does. (shrug)

    Reality is a harsh thing. The reality is that we don't matter.

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      Aside from the obvious disagreement that we don't matter, which I guess we just have to agree to disagree on.

      Corporate money in politics is a problem regardless of which party it goes to.  I honestly believe you take corporate money out of politics and you would instantly see the influence progressives have on political policy.   The problem now is that progressives have no influence because their policy beliefs are people before profit...something no political party is going to support specifically because they believe corporate profits ARE the economy and therefore their primary focus.  So of course they see progressive views as bad and something only to be somewhat pandered to during Obama has done.

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