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View Diary: If you think Boston is a reason to abandon gun safety laws, you're a special kind of moron (118 comments)

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    "Russia warned us about Tamerlin.   We incurred a high cost for ignoring that warning. "

    It wasn't ignored.  I just don't think they found anything that would cause them to keep him under surveillance for two years after that.  
    And from everything that I've seen and heard, there was absolutely nothing that caused any of the younger brother's friends to think that he was capable of anything like this.
    There are so many "warnings" about the possible dangers of so many people that I don't see how law enforcement could possibly function if they had to try to preempt all possibilities.  
    What is much easier is to make it more difficult for dangerous people to obtain weapons that allow them to kill and injure many people other than themselves.

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