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View Diary: New Mexico GOP official calls woman a 'radical bitch' for supporting higher minimum wage (136 comments)

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  •  Sad to see idiot-heads in New Mexico (11+ / 0-)

    Steve Kush has succinctly revealed his GOP credentials with his offensiveness toward women and toward those who have to live working up to three minimum wage jobs simply to get by.  

    In 2012, the top one percent income bracket pulled-in a 121 percent increase in wealth while the remaining 99 percent saw a five percent loss in wealth.  Mitt Romney, that poor old loser, only owns 10 mansions.  And now a 19-year-old woman is called a "radical bitch" for stepping forward and behaving like a citizen?  

    New Mexico's GOP could save a whole lot of money if Kush worked for minimum wage.  I think the executive staff should seriously consider it.  

    And Kush?  There's probably plenty of room in a homeless shelter if your minimum wage job doesn't pay enough for even the mobile phone you use to abuse others.  

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