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View Diary: The Daily Kos community is in charge, whether I (or you) like it or not (519 comments)

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  •  Exactly. I'm glad you said that. (18+ / 0-)

    Yes, I donate through other organizations specific to an issue who fiercely advocate for that issue, whatever it may be that I support, and there are many.

    For me, the days of Mr./Ms. Republican said blah and blah, donate to fight them are over for me here and every email I receive from the various organizations who use the Republican said to fund-raise for the Democrats.    I used to donate when asked for that, but no more.  

    I used to donate orange to blue here, but then got turned off when there was a suggestion that the money be split between the candidate and this website, not to mention the orange to blue candidates were far and few between as they used to be.  Especially with DailyKos elections started trashing, yes, trashing candidates whom I donated the max to.  

    So now I just donate directly on the candidate's website, or an organization's website that deals with issues that I care about.

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