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View Diary: Background check bill for buying explosive powders ought to make 'taggants' an issue (150 comments)

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    Kentucky Kid

    I would (and DO, often) argue that the regulations on those substances are ridiculous and out of control and there should be no reason why I have to waste ten minutes of my and the clerk's time every time I want to buy a cold capsule.  Nor are most of the people who have licenses to use various toxic pesticides more competent, careful, or educated regarding their use than I am; in general they are far less so.  If they had half my sensitivity regarding toxins, they wouldn't be willing to so blithely do their jobs.

    It's this kind of blanket excess regulation that spawned the Tea Party.  Ordinary people would very much like to go about their ordinary lives without government interference.  Many regulations relate to toxicities and dangers that educated urban elites find excessive, but poor rural people are accustomed to and consider regulatory squeamishness to be the product of hysteria.  That is to say, in making these regulations we have instituted top-down control instead of sufficient bottom-up education to change these people's hearts and minds.  Instead, we impact their bottom lines, remove conveniences to which they are accustomed, and harass them in the pursuit of their livelihoods and everyday lives.

    Often the trade-offs from the point of view of the working classes are not considered in the promulgation of regulations, because the working classes are neither lawyers, politicians, nor scientists, and the educated elites never ask their opinions.  And BTW, lead-based paint is toxic and appears demonstrably linked, over time, to endemic social violence.  But it made a DAMNED good paint, and nothing that's been developed since it was taken off the market works half as well.

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