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View Diary: The rich really did get richer, while the rest of us ... didn't (74 comments)

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    So now it is time to ask why all productivity increases produce profits but not wages.  
    Automation and de-skilling.

    A lot of medium skilled work has been replaced by computers and machines. Previously skilled work can be done faster and cheaper by machines.

    That just leaves technical professionals on the one hand, and low-skilled workers on the other. There are less opportunities to contribute because those opportunities routinely require significant technical skills (technical skills can be skills like plumbing, too).

    But the mere ability to be a 'good worker' and read/follow instructions is not good enough.

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    by Sparhawk on Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 10:57:54 AM PDT

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      the employment statistics support the idea that fewer workers are being used, and others covering more hours and work, that many employers don't pay overtime as required by law, etc., all increasing profits, but none go to the remaining workers.  Further, even if all unskilled labor is replaced, leaving only the technocrats, that doesn't explain why real income is still falling for the middle class, because they supply the technocratic workers.

      Further,  they are outsourcing the technocratic work as well, and offshoring it whenever possible, further eroding the middle class.  Laying all the blame on shiftless, uneducated workers doesn't pass on the facts of modern labor practices.

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