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  •  So many aspects of this sport (9+ / 0-)

    Indoor flight is cool and I agree that Devin is the best in that field.

    I appreciate all aspects of model flight -- R/C, free flight, control line, indoors, outdoors, gliders (slope soaring and thermal), combat, racing, aerobatics, etc.

    For myself, sport scale aerobatic flight is the most rewarding.

    Here's Justin Jee -- a 9-yr old prodigy (imo) flying a slow rolling circle. I'm tempted to say this kid is the next Hanno Prettner but that would be unfair to Justin -- I think he's better than Hanno already.

    I fly a scratch-built Chipmunk that is based on enlarged Goldberg plans (10% over) powered by an OS Gemini 120 twin 4-stroke. Gawd I love that plane. I can chop the throttle back until I have to use significant elevator to maintain altitude -- and still have full aileron control. But I can also kick it up and use the monstrous rudder for all kinds of twisty fun.

    If we are going to live at the speed of code, we need to remember the stillness of eternity. -- dharmasyd

    by Darryl House on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 06:06:18 PM PDT

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