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    when Israel offered 95% of everything the "palestinians" asked for, the offer was rejected pretty much indicated the Palestinian position on "peace." Because we all know that only by giving away 100% of whatever the Palestinians demand is Israel showing real honesty and a desire for peace. That's how negotiating works, right? One side gives up everything and the other walks away with the whole pie.

    Why is Israel the only nation in the history of the Earth that always has to be the ONLY entity that has to give up everything in order to be considered and "honest" broker?

    Google "Palestinians reject peace accord." Let's see, 1993, 2001, 2008, 2010. It seems pretty much every offer of peace ever made has been rejected by the Palestinians. And the rockets keep flying across the border. Good thing all those terrorist rocket attacks are 100% legal because otherwise Israel wouldn't be the only one doing anything "illegal" over there.

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